and if you could have anything at your wedding for no cost what would it be?

It really depends on what part of the country you live in. I just got married in October. We live in San Diego, but we are both from Milwaukee, WI. We got married back in Milwaukee and had a wonderful wedding with everything we wanted, including our honeymoon to St. Kitts and Nevis for about $27,000. I would estimate that the same wedding in San Diego would have been between $40-45,000

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  1. yudarshary123

    2009 Oct 20 1

    well up to 1000$
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  2. rachel

    2009 Oct 20 2

    define "average" I’d take the hall/caterer for free– it’s the most expensive
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  3. Daniel H

    2009 Oct 20 3

    Rumor has it that they are on average $20,000
    you can do it for $50 though.
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  4. MrsMouse

    2009 Oct 20 4

    I am getting married in 16 days…. we live in a suburb of Boston, Ma and our wedding is just under $20,000… this is on the lower end of weddings in this part of the country… Nationally though, the average wedding is just higher than $26,000 as of May, 2005 ( a year and a half ago) Given that most venues and vendors raise their prices every year- I would guess it’s somewhere close to $30k on average per wedding in the US
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  5. mjcchef16

    2009 Oct 20 5

    it really depends on what your wife wants… my wedding 5 years ago cost me 17,000.00
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  6. Vicki Vale

    2009 Oct 20 6

    It’s expensive. I’ve met people who have spent $50,000 on their wedding. My husband and I didn’t come from the richest families so we did everything ourselves. My sis and I made flowers. My aunt and uncle catered. The local fire dept. let us use the fire dept. (we did donate to them!) for the reception. And this may sound ghetto but we had to do the byob. Couldn’t afford to pay for everyone to get drunk. We saved alot of money for more important things like a down payment on a house but still had a very beautiful wedding. Good Luck!
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  7. ca_surveyor

    2009 Oct 20 7

    if you are the father you will discover (sadly) that there is NO such thing as an average wedding. A basic formal one with about 50 guests, dresses, catering, locations, etc…. will run you between $10,000 to $20,000

    I just did one and have another coming up next year. There is no standard to go by except poverty (grin)

    Eloping sounds better and better (grin)…
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  8. basketcase88

    2009 Oct 20 8

    Weddings can cost anywhere from $1,000 to well over $100,000. I want to say the average cost in the USA now is around $20,000. But that will vary depending on location, formality, etc.
    If I could have anything free it would be the food. I could have anything we wanted to eat, for as many people as I would want. That would probably be more money than the reception hall, at least it would by the time I was through with it.
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  9. kruppa08

    2009 Oct 20 9

    It really depends on what part of the country you live in. I just got married in October. We live in San Diego, but we are both from Milwaukee, WI. We got married back in Milwaukee and had a wonderful wedding with everything we wanted, including our honeymoon to St. Kitts and Nevis for about $27,000. I would estimate that the same wedding in San Diego would have been between $40-45,000
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  10. student_pilot2002

    2009 Oct 20 10

    My wedding was about $35,000. I have a very big family.
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  11. Amanda B

    2009 Oct 20 11

    My husband and I did or wedding under 2500 dollars and we could have done it for less if we would have made other people pay for there crap instead of us paying for tuxes and dresses good luck
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  12. Keisha L

    2009 Oct 20 12

    This website will calculate the average cost of a wedding in your area for the year you are going to have it. It’s pretty dead on! We used it.
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  13. glorymomof3

    2009 Oct 20 13

    "Average" wedding costs vary by tax bracket. In the upper tax brackets, a 100,000 wedding might seem cheap, but it would seem like an over the top wedding for an "average" person.

    It really just depends on where you are located. typically in bigger cities, weddings run way more. It goes by how many people you have, food you eat, alcohol, etc.

    Smaller weddings have been pulled off, with taste, for under 500 bucks. But you have to figure about 2000-20000. on "average".

    Now if I could have anything in the world to be at my wedding, I would want a gospel choir to sing at my wedding for me. (If you watch Madea’s family reunion- that wedding was what i would really really REALLY want!!)
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  14. roncarolhillsstupid

    2009 Oct 20 14

    I would think you could have a nice wedding on the average of say $5,000. to $7,000. After all it isn’t the cost but the wants and desires of the bride and groom.

    The one thing i would want at my wedding at no cost, if i were to marry again, would be a white carriage with 6 white horses to take me away from the Church.
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  15. peekie

    2009 Oct 20 15

    I believe the average wedding costs about $15,000. This includes the bride’s gown, the flowers, the rehearsal dinner, the church, music, invitations and the reception. I feel this is an average priced wedding.

    Of course, there are more elaborate weddings which cost thousands of dollars more, and there are those who choose to elope, which is a very minimal expense.

    If I were to marry, I would have my wedding at an very old huge Catholic cathedral, with gorgeous stained glass windows, and flowers everywhere! I would have the wedding in the month of December, with many trees with white lights. It would be early evening, with lots and lots of candles. I would want many bridesmaids and groomsmen, a flower girl and a ring bearer. Everyone would wear white. There would be a white carriage with white horses outside of the church to take me and my husband to the reception. I would have the reception in a big city at the top of a skyscraper building, with a magnificent view of the lit up city. The reception would be decorated much like the church with tons of flowers, white lights and candles. My cake would be a ten tier wedding staircase cake. I would have a band who played a lot of dreamy,romantic music to dance to, plus a few Christmas songs to get everyone cheery and upbeat. There would be a visitor to my reception, Santa Claus. There would be an open bar. The photographer and videographer would be there, of course, to capture as many priceless moments as possible. There would be a white limousine outside the place of the reception, waiting for us, to take us to a fine hotel, just outside of the airport. We would stay there that night, and get up about 10:00 a.m., to catch a flight to Hawaii that afternoon. Of course, we would have room service at the hotel that morning. A limousine would take us to the airport.

    I hope you are planning a wedding and will take some of my ideas! I love weddings!

    Good luck!
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  16. MelB

    2009 Oct 20 16

    Well, I’m up to about 48K so far for 200+ guests. This includes, the reception, flowers and music. I still need the invitations, limos, and a dress for myself. Im going to say the total will be about 55k when all is said and done. This will be in Northern, NJ. I can’t say where it falls "on average" for the area, but I am having it on a friday night to save some $$. It would have been twice as much for the reception hall alone on a saturday night!
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  17. The Expert

    2009 Oct 20 17

    There is no such thing as "average". The wedding is not really what costs you–if you’re a mmeber of the church, you get it done for free, you just pay janitor and music fees. The reception is what gets you–having to pay X dollars per head, plus drinks on top of that, along with the rental fee. The cheapest wedding is $35–you get married at the courthouse. The most expensive one I’ve heard of was $50,000–which to me, is insane.
    Everything will cost something, most of the time. I have people who have volunteered to do stuff, like hair, taking me to get my nails done, people bringing alcohol, etc etc.
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  18. Vael

    2009 Oct 20 18

    An average wedding these days costs around $15k to $20k, though there are weddings done wonderfully on smaller budgets.
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  19. M

    2009 Oct 20 19

    I would say 40k to 80k, and I would take the catering for free, its the priciest thing on the list!!!
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  20. Kari

    2009 Oct 20 20

    Depends on what state you live in and what you really want for your wedding. In New York weddings include cocktail hours and sit down dinners. In other states however that is not the norm. I would say an AVERAGE wedding would be 15,000 – 25,000.

    I would have the place and catering at no cost – because that is one of the biggest hitters in the $ department.
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  21. latinagurl1986

    2009 Oct 20 21

    The average price in the USA is 20,000. I am going for about 10,000. It depends where you live also and the cost of living.
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  22. watevergal20s

    2009 Oct 20 22

    how much are you willing to spend. are you on a budget? is it guna be casual of fancy. my wedding will cost around $20,000 but thats jux me. but my friends wedding cost $5000. she had it in a resturant instead of a function. her dress was simply $600. still nice. hair, makeup, flowers done by friend. classic car, dads friend. look around & ull find
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