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I am getting married at the end of the year and the bills seem to be piling up quicker than I ever expected.

I would be very grateful if you could pass on some cost saving tips you used for your wedding or heard/saw of others using.

Much Appreciated,

The biggest money saver that I used was I went to our local college and found a few photo students who had samples of their work handy and picked the one I liked best . . . It cost us only $200 compared to the $2500 that the professionals wanted! The pictures came out great and it left us more money for our honeymoon! And go to she has great wedding ideas you can make yourself! Good luck and congratulations!

I am getting married in 5 months. My mum is giving us a budget and we dont know how to ask if his parents intend on contributing to the cost of the wedding. Please help, how do I bring this subject up? What do I say?
P.S I have a fantastic relationship with his parents and have known them for over 5 years. I dont expect them to contribute a lot, more looking to ask if they plan on contributing at all. We are able to do the wedding on the budget mum has given us, but would like to know what their plans are.

Well, in most cultures the bride’s parents tend to pay for the wedding ….but in this day and age, everything is 50/50. So perhaps…depending on your budget u can bring it up to ur fiance and say….my parents are contributing this much…how much are your parents willing to contribute. Note, it also depends on how much the wedding is too, plus how much you and ur fiance intend to put into the wedding as well. Another thing to do is say this is the budget, this is how much we have, and this is how much we need, ( do it during a family dinner or something) and then ask if people can pitch in to help cover some of that…and perhaps they will help.

I want to do a candy bar at my reception instead of the regular favors. Has anyone ever done this at their wedding? How much candy did you use and how much did it cost?

We are having one this weekend at my daughters wedding. We purchased 12 containers all the same shape but different sizes and spent a total of $75.00 on them. She is having 85 guests.

Airheads $10.00
Sour patch $10.00
Swedish Fish $20.00
Fruity gum nuggets $15.00
Pixie stix $10.00
Peanut M&M’s $15.00
Hershey’s Kissables $15.00
Starburst Twizzlers $10.00
Smarties $10.00
Jolly Ranchers $15.00
Tootsie Pops $15.00
Skittles $15.00

We also got some cute take out boxes and put thier names & wedding date on them for people to fill.

We also have this cute sign that I made, it says:

Step right up
to our candy buffet
a sweet addition
to a wonderful day..

As you help yourself
to this special treat
Remember this…
Love is Sweet!

How much should a wedding reception cost? Thats including the flowers, food, music, decor, plates, and banquet hall. This is going to be an indian style wedding (from india, not native american) Thanks!

Typically about $25,000 for a standard wedding. That always depends on number of guests your inviting, city where it’s being held and any traditions or customs you have to take into consideration.

Try this site out, it’s got good info.

how much does a normal church wedding roughly cost? excluding clothes, flowers etc. just to have the service?

Just to rent the church?
Ours was $800 which included the priest, organist, and cantor.

I’m looking at wedding photographer costs and many charge according to how much time they will be there for. How long do people recommend and how much should that cost? I don’t need the getting ready pics, its a catholic wedding (mass), and we have the reception venue for 5 hours and I haven’t figured out how much time to put between the ceremony and reception (advice on this would be appreciated as well). Any thoughts on how long?

We are probably going to pay $1000-$1500 for 3-5 hours, and it’s a really hefty package in terms of what we get (portraits, prints, proof album, CD and licensing). I figured we’d just get pictures for the ceremony, and then the key moments at the reception and send them on their way. We’d like pictures of the rest of the day too but we are perfectly capable of taking those sorts of shots ourselves, when you’re on a budget you really only need a professional for the key moments and portraits if you want them. Your relatives with digital cameras I’m sure would happily supplement your professional shots for your wedding album.

My parents don’t have any wedding pictures but a portrait of them together after the ceremony, and one of my older sister who was the flower girl. They hang together in our family room and they’ve never lamented about it, the amount of photos you need really depends on you.

Looking to find an average cost for a wedding coordinator to arrange a relatively small wedding (50 guests and under).

The wedding planner can range from 500 dollars to 3000 depending on their experience and what they will be responsible for. They usually charge either by the hour, by the percentage total of wedding or a flat fee. Whatever the cost, they are well worth it. A good wedding planner though expensive may save you money, as they will compare vendors etc.

This is a research video I created for my senior image making class. I was busy planning a wedding at the time, so the topic was quite relevant. Unfortunately, to fit it on here, I had to cut down the size, so I appologize for the difficulty in reading it.

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I have been engaged for a year now and i want to start saving for a wedding i want quite a big one with an exotic honeymoon how much do you think the whole thing will cost roughly?

Weddings come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges!!!!

How much you wedding costs ranges on where you live, the number of guests you have and the formality of your event.

The average for weddings is 27K, I believe. But, that depends on where you live.

I’m from a suburb in the Northeast, it costs at least 18K-20K to have a basic buffet style dinner for 100-130 people. Plus, the dress, pictures, etc. The cheapest I’ve seen around here is $75 per person. Although, I did see a place about 1 1/2 -2 hours away from me, it was like $60 a plate. Which is unheard of here. But, it was way to far for us to travel and for the guests to travel.

Again, that’s where I live. I’ve seen people from other states post and say they are paying $45-$50 a head.

It really is regional.

Planning a wedding on a small budget can be done using a bride share method, where two brides split the cost of decorations, flowers or chair rentals. Consider having a wedding on a non-weekend to cut costs with creative ideas from an event coordinator in this free video on weddings.

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