Wedding costs

This is a research video I created for my senior image making class. I was busy planning a wedding at the time, so the topic was quite relevant. Unfortunately, to fit it on here, I had to cut down the size, so I appologize for the difficulty in reading it.

Duration : 0:2:9

[youtube 1FnEce9O3zo]

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  1. Ribbits

    2010 Jan 24 1

    This was very well …
    This was very well done and had a great message. I would like to point out however that the guy should have been involved in the film more. Its not just the women who get tied up in the details. You make it seem like the woman is the one getting too involved in the planning and she needs to be pulled back down to earth while the guy just shows up at the end and is happy when the woman decides not to spend too much.

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