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I Want to marry my girlfriend sometime in the future and was just wondering how much I should be saving. I’m serving in the millitary rite now and would like to have somewhat of a millitary wedding.

the average is about $15000-$20000. depending on where you live. A "decent" wedding, I would say at least $10,000.

i think i am going to make all the bouquets and centerpieces and decorations, basically everything myself. If you did the same thing, how much did your whole wedding cost: including *everything*?
oh, but i’m not making the cake by myself or anything.

We spent approx 8000. We did the everything except my the flowers for the bridal party (Safeway $500) and the cake $425. The church and reception hall we got for a steal $300. My dress I got off ebay $350. The kids tuxes ebay $50.

What is the price range for wedding dresses in Sydney? What about the cost a a veil and and undergarments? (I’m trying to set a realistic budget for the entire wedding…)

I’m in canberra and i find that the average wedding dress hovers around the $1500 mark. You can get lovely ones for less (mine is brand new, made for me, dupion silk at $800) and extravagant ones for more (think masses of swarovski crystals and long train). This is based on a bridal store, couture gowns can easy average double that amount.

Veils average around $200.

As far as undergarments go you are probably looking at the more expensive bras and undies so bra around $60 and undies $40. Torsolettes etc $100 and upwards

My mom is getting re-married and is having a very small wedding with only family. I estimate around 20 people will be there. My sister and I are planning on getting a cake as a surprise for her. How much would a nice wedding cake cost for this small a group?

I honestly think that a one tier cake will be sufficiant about 12in round but you can add a second tier for looks. I just got my quote from the lady doing my wedding cake. Its a 3 tier (12in, 9in, 6in) cake that will feed about 96 people (not including the top tier) buttercream basket weaving on the outside white with rasberry filing on the inside. She is charging me $150.00. I would go to a local grocry store or bakery. They have lovely wedding cakes and give you an idea about how much you would pay.

I am planning a low budget wedding..
Is the dress really the most important part of it?
How much did your wedding dress cost??
How much would a decent/beautiful one cost??
No rentals please… i’m keeping mine (which i haven’t bought)

i spent $800+ on my gown. it is more expensive then i really wanted, but just like the old saying goes. you get what you pay for.

a davids bridal dress can run in the low hundreds, but the dresses are mass produced and they wrinkle really easily and frankly are not all that good looking and probably 50 brides have tried that dress on before you.

Maggie Sottero makes very nice dresses that are good mid range. i got my first dress from her and it was around $600, the only problem i found is that it wrinkles really easy and the embroidery is really delicate. but her dresses are nice. (i have to sell it cause it’s from a wedding that never happened and i’m to big for it now XD

my new dress for my coming up wedding i bought a Mori Lee which ran me over $800 but the dress is of a quality i have never seen. the dress that i tried on in the store is stored in the plastic bad and every time we pull the try on dress out there is not a single wrinkle on it. the dress is very sturdy and even though the skirt has two layers of organza on it and very intricate beading i don’t really fear i have to worry about tearing it or loosing the beads.

so you may end up spending more but you won’t regret it in the end. i would find a dress you like and of good quality.

I want my wedding to be outside somewhere. A small wedding, maybe 75 to 100 people(is that a lot?). Dont know about the reception. I’m talking like everything though including the dress and stuff. I want to start my wedding savings fund but I don’t even know how much I should be trying to save. Thanks in advance!

My wife and I got married this last summer and managed to do most everything ourselves for under $6000. This included hall rental for the reception, the food for it, the cake, her dress and everything else.

We also had an outdoor wedding, it was spectacular.

I am not asking this to be snarky, I am genuinely curious. I notice alot of mentioning of kegs at wedding and I am wondering how does that work? Do you have guests help themselves and pump the keg? Or do you have a bartender dole them out? It seems like a lot of work to put a bartender through, I mean draft beer is not nearly as fast as bottled. Is it a cost thing or do you prefer draft beer?

I think it’s definitely a cost thing. Keg beer is cheaper than bottled beer. I would have a bartender serve it unless your wedding is a very casual outdoor wedding where guests would help themselves to drinks. You don’t need to pump the keg after every serving and I think the more it’s flowing, the less pumping you have to do. It’s probably no more work than a bartender having to remove bottle caps off of the bottles.

I am trying to plan a budget for my wedding and was wondering how much it would cost for the reception. I live in South Carolina and we thought about having barbeque but decided it would be too expensive. Instead we are only going to have finger foods and cake but no alcohol so that should cut cost. I was wondering what an estimate would be for about 240 people. We are going to have it at a different location so not everyone will show up and the catering and rental fees are free. I just need to know an estimate on the cost of food and some ideas on what to serve, including other kinds of beverages then alcohol or punch. Thanks for the help!
It will be near Orangeburg, SC.

I live in SC and I did the whole finger foods idea for my reception bc it was an afternoon wedding. I had about 125 people and I spent $250 on the food, so you could double that estimate. Sam’s Club will be your new best friend, find someone with a membership or invest in one yourself. As far as ideas for food, we had saucy meatballs, Danish wedding cookies, ham and cheese mini croissants, cookies, fruit, and sausage balls. As far as beverages, of course we had the sherbet punch, but it’s the South, everyone loves sweet tea. You might offer unsweetened or diet soda for anyone that is diabetic. Good luck!

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I’m wondering what the average cost should be for a wedding DJ on a Saturday evening for around 6 hours in the suburbs of Chicago or Milwaukee. I know a band costs significantly more, but what’s a good price range for a DJ?

in nj, and good one with a dj an emcee and a dancer is about 2500 but you could get it as cheap as maybe 1500