I Want to marry my girlfriend sometime in the future and was just wondering how much I should be saving. I’m serving in the millitary rite now and would like to have somewhat of a millitary wedding.

the average is about $15000-$20000. depending on where you live. A "decent" wedding, I would say at least $10,000.

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  1. New Bride to Be!!!

    2010 Mar 16 1

    the average is about $15000-$20000. depending on where you live. A "decent" wedding, I would say at least $10,000.
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  2. Chrissy

    2010 Mar 16 2

    You can get married for $50-(the cost of a marriage license), and it goes up from there. Here are some general expense amounts, all of these are give or take a little (or a lot):

    Wedding Dress: $600
    Bridal Boquet: $150 give or take-(mine was $250, and it could have gone way up).
    Groom’s Tux: $150
    Bridesmaid Boquets: $45 each
    Food: $30 per person for a buffet dinner at a nice location. Sit-down dinner is more, or you can cater it yourself in some places and drop the price way down
    Church Rental: $500-$1,300
    Minister: $100
    Organist: $125
    DJ: $500
    Photographer: $3,000-(This expense varies widely, check around)
    Videographer: $2,000-(This expense also vaires widely)
    Decor: Anywhere from nothing to through the roof
    Wedding Cake: $1.75 to $3 per slice
    Invitations: $1and up each.
    Postage for Invitations: $1 each-(wedding invitations cost more to send because of size and weight)
    Limo: $150 per hour, 3 hour minimum
    Toasting Flutes: $30
    Garter for Bride: $15
    Bridal Jewelry/Hair Accessories: $100 and can go way up. My small comb alone cost $125, not to mention earrings, necklace, and bracelet
    Veil: $100
    There are a lot of costs to a wedding not mentioned here like guest favors, alcohol-(about $16 per person), punch, and LOTS of other items. I got married in January in the midwest. I got a lot of discounts because I purchased decor items on clearance after Christmas, I got very creative with odds and ends, I did a lot of things myself, I got my dress at a "Sample Sale," and I called in a lot of favors. Even with all those things, when it was said and done, it cost about $18,000 to have a wedding in a chapel, a reception in a ballroom with 130 guests eating a buffet meal, and we were lucky enough to supply all of the alcohol ourselves. That cost does not include the rings or our honeymoon. It probably would have cost me another $5,000 if I hadn’t done so many things myself and called in the favors. I also skipped doing some things other people did. But you don’t need all of that to have a great wedding. All you really need is the two of you and a marriage license. You can go away to a tropical place and get the whole package for $3,000 or so, plus the cost of attire and a couple odds and ends. I hope this helps!!! Good luck!!!
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  3. Suz123

    2010 Mar 16 3


    Put in your zip code. It will show you the average cost of a wedding in your area.

    That said, you can wed for less. Since you are in the military, use the base chapel for the ceremony. The men can wear their military uniforms, instead of renting tuxes.
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  4. Zerachiel

    2010 Mar 16 4

    it really depends on what you classify as decent,

    the national average wedding is $20,000 (the study was published not to long ago) many go higher at around $30,000.

    but you can get a really nice one for about $10,000 mine is running about that. but we are doing alot of DIY things.

    normally the biggest prices in the wedding are the ceremony/reception sites and catering. because those are based on how many people are going to be in attendance. bigger the wedding.. more money you shell out.
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  5. ilera C

    2010 Mar 16 5

    I’m planning my wedding right now and we want to keep it as inexpensive as possible, but reality is its going to cost around $8,000 to $15,000. We are cutting back on the amount of people we will invite (about 150-200 people). Flowers and decoration can get expensive (about $1,400 for my wedding in March). Plus you need the engagement ring, wedding bands, Dj, reception hall, a place for the ceremony, food, drinks, cake, the list seems endless.
    well good luck. I know that you will have a great wedding in the future and you are very smart to start saving money now. Remember that a wedding is just one day and its the days after that really count.
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  6. Amy Hurt

    2010 Mar 16 6

    Somewhere between 5-15 thousand. Anyone that spends more than that has more money than sense.
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