how much does a wedding cost?

how much does a normal church wedding roughly cost? excluding clothes, flowers etc. just to have the service?

Just to rent the church?
Ours was $800 which included the priest, organist, and cantor.

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  1. daVIDica

    2010 Mar 02 1

    It all depends on location, location, location.
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  2. Debbie P

    2010 Mar 02 2

    Depends on how much you want to spend. I’ve seen weddings cost anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000.
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  3. originalblonde43

    2010 Mar 02 3

    well…if you just have a service…well i wouldn’t know cause my place was free!!! lol…but an average wedding( including everything) is about 10k
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  4. Cindy

    2010 Mar 02 4

    Just to rent the church?
    Ours was $800 which included the priest, organist, and cantor.
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  5. Eugenio C

    2010 Mar 02 5

    it all depends on the church fees the place that your renting for the party and food. if you go to Las Vegas you can just get married for maby 1,000.00 bucks.
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  6. nova_queen_28

    2010 Mar 02 6

    For just the church, it will vary depending upon the church and if you and/or your fiance are members.

    some churches can be a reasonable $100 and some will charge you up to $1,000. Some churches will give a discount for members.

    There can be a few components to the pricing that you need to consider:
    do you need to hire the church organist?
    do you need to pay for a janitor?
    there is usually a charge for the actual church and then a separate charge for the officiant (pastor).
    some will charge fees for candles or for messy decorations (like cleaning up flower petals).

    My church is allowing us to us a CD instead of paying $150 for the organist. The janitor is $50. The pastor is $250 and the church itself is $250.
    But each church can and will establish their own fees.
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  7. moi

    2010 Mar 02 7

    I think the average is around $500, depending on where you plan to have the service. You may want to look into a chapel as well. They are less expensive and most will do "religious" services upon request. If I had to do it all over again, I would elope and save money for a house and other things. You could always have a party to celebrate. Best Wishes to you and yours.
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  8. Pax

    2010 Mar 02 8

    The service alone is generally the amount of your donation to the church. Most churches will suggest $200. Don’t forget, if you also have an organist, you have to "donate" for their services too!
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  9. julietherealjules

    2010 Mar 02 9

    Oh my gosh, you could run the gamut from the cost of the license and a bus pass to the county office to a million dollar plus wedding.

    Each church will have a different fee schedule; call the front desk of the church in question and go from there. Don’t forget to ask if they charge to "clean up"…they may have all kinds of charges that can be waived if you don’t require those services, such as a sound man.

    I got married in June of 2005 in my mom’s garden. The entire wedding and reception were under $1,000.00 including food and alcohol and my wedding dress, and it was the most fun party I’ve ever had. I made my own dress out of silk and covered it with hand sewn Swarovski crystals and I enjoyed every minute of the whole process.

    Whatever you do, have fun. Hopefully you’ll only do it once.
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  10. snake_girl85

    2010 Mar 02 10

    For just the use of the church, it varies greatly depending on the church, and whether or not you are a member.

    I just happen to have my church’s paperwork nearby, lol.

    Facility fee – 200
    PAstor fee – 150
    Fee for rehearsal and reception – 100
    Janitor – 75
    Organist – 75
    Wedding coordinator – 75

    However, as members, we only have to pay the organist, coordinator, and janitor. Everything else is free.

    Our church is fairly small, so the bigger you go the more expensive it probably is.
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