The bakery said to save on cost, they can make cake to feed 20 people then for the rest of 30 of them- have a sheet cake… but how do they do it? do they make their cake- and then put the sheet cake underneath so it all looks like together? or do they feed the 20 people, then go get a sheet cake- and serve that up??

They will have the 2-tier wedding cake out in the reception hall for all to see, and keep the sheet cake in the back to simply cut and serve.

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  1. WitchTwo

    2009 Dec 31 1

    The pretty one is out there fore everyone to see and for you and your new husband to cut……then all the cake it cut and served to your guests. I have seen lots of people do it just because they wanted to save more than just the top tier of their cake.
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  2. glitter3317

    2009 Dec 31 2

    Well if you only have 60 people then you are fine with even just two tiers. Cake serves a lot of people. You only cut really small slices. But they won’t set the sheet cake out with the real cake if you do a sheet cake. They will set that in the back.
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  3. Marmek1210

    2009 Dec 31 3

    Your guests will never see the sheet cake. They only see you make the first slice in the pretty one – then that is taken away too and sliced by the caterer.

    By the way, some tradition states that you keep and freeze the top tier of your wedding cake and have a slice of it on your first anniversary. I don’t know about eating a piece of year old cake, but the gesture is nice.
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  4. Autumn Lover

    2009 Dec 31 4

    They will have the 2-tier wedding cake out in the reception hall for all to see, and keep the sheet cake in the back to simply cut and serve.
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  5. glorymomof3

    2009 Dec 31 5

    Try taking a look at there are very nice cake pictures there.

    They have a million styles to look at! The two layer one is absolutely gorgeous and there is nothing wrong with having that be the main cake with two sheet cakes in back. The guests will already nkow that your cake wont feed an entire group, so it is not unusual to have one out in back.

    From what i gather is that it can be made two ways- either two cakes different sizes squared up, and decorated, or the bottom tier would be fake (but decorated) and the top would be the only real layer, so the bride and groom can cut it.

    The cakes are made in layers though. good luck!
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  6. dct1218

    2009 Dec 31 6

    You can have the kitchen of the place you have your reception keep it back there if you’re concerned with how that may look.

    Do what you can afford. Real friends and family will understand. It’s gonna all work out fine and you’ll be beautiful!

    Hope this helps. Congrats & Good Luck!
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  7. JAYNE C

    2009 Dec 31 7

    I just got married on the 16th. I didnt want to spend hundreds of dollars on a big cake either. we had a simple outdoor wedding. I got a small three tier cake. We kept the top. Then i made two small cakes myself. If you want to see my cake look at my 360 page. we paid 108.50 for our cake
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  8. pinkdenial

    2009 Dec 31 8

    When you cut the cake, it is taken back into the kitchen and cut up. The sheet cake will be back there too, and they cut that too.

    However, a 2-tier cake for 20 people is awfully tiny and might look funny. It’ll be a little bigger than a birthday cake. Really, a 2-tier cake for 50 people will not be very much. I don’t think you’ll save much money this way.
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  9. ashleyeb23

    2009 Dec 31 9

    This actually becoming more common. The wedding cake is for you two. Get it whatever size you want then get a sheet cake in the same colors to match. Sheet cakes can be just as nice as regular wedding cake, Another idea is to get one cake with real icing and one with the wipped cream icing since different people like different things offering both is a great idea.
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    i do lots of parties

  10. WeaselLuvr

    2009 Dec 31 10

    If you’re having 2 tiers of any size they should really come close to feeding 50 people. Keep in mind not everyone will eat cake. If you need to save money ask around for people who make wedding cakes out of their homes and def shop different bakeries. I got a wonderful cake for 100 people for my wedding at $1.00/slice. Hint: don’t tell them you want it for a wedding if at all possible (we had chocolate cake so it was easy for us). The word wedding makes all prices go up.
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  11. Etiquette Gal

    2009 Dec 31 11

    No, you only put out the little fancy decorated cake for show and for the cutting ceremony. The sheet cake is kept hidden in the ktichen.

    After the cutting ceremony your little cake is whisked away to the kitchen to be cut up also. People don’t know which cake their piece came from.
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  12. Martin M

    2009 Dec 31 12

    The tiers are for show and the sheet cake is out of sight to be cut and served to the guests.

    How come you didn’t ask the bakery?
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