Just wondering how much your guys weddings cost? Also, what state are you in? And did you pay for the whole thing or did Brides parents or Grooms parents help?
Just curious to see how other people did things…..

We live in Ohio. Ours was about 11,000 but that includes an open, bar sit down dinner, hall,flowers, photographer, limo, d.j. and cake. We had a total of 150 on our guest list.

My parents paid for the hall, and my wedding dress. My husbands parents paid for the open bar and the rehearsal dinner. My husband and I paid for the d.j., the cake, limo, flowers,and the photographer.

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  1. ? ? ? ? ?

    2009 Oct 20 1

    under $1000

    paid for by my parents
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  2. Ms. J

    2009 Oct 20 2

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  3. n2mama

    2009 Oct 20 3

    $5500. We got married in the Chicago suburbs, on a Thursday, with a relatively small (68 guest) wedding. My parents paid for the whole thing.

    I don’t understand how anyone can get thumbs down from answering a question as straight forward as this one.
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  4. Eric

    2009 Oct 20 4

    me and my wife paid for ours… lol we didn’t spend over $500. EVERY flower, decoration, yard of tool was there because we had alot of family friends that loved weddings and happened to have A LOT of wedding accessories. If you can borrow anything, that is the way to go.. we didn’t have any debt to pay off and we had an awesome honeymoon…. Our wedding was beautiful without spending a fortune. It is so much better paying for it yourself, it’s a sign you are an adult and have left the nest!
    -hope this helps you!
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    my life 🙂

  5. Christina

    2009 Oct 20 5

    We live in Ohio. Ours was about 11,000 but that includes an open, bar sit down dinner, hall,flowers, photographer, limo, d.j. and cake. We had a total of 150 on our guest list.

    My parents paid for the hall, and my wedding dress. My husbands parents paid for the open bar and the rehearsal dinner. My husband and I paid for the d.j., the cake, limo, flowers,and the photographer.
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  6. KellyR

    2009 Oct 20 6

    $30,000. my mom paid about 50% his parents paid about 30% and we paid about 20%. my husband and i paid for the hair stylist and make up artist to be onsite at the hotel, our honeymoon suite for the night of rehearsal and wedding night, we paid for both our wedding rings, and the dj. his parents paid for the rehearsal dinner, half of the price of the reception hall, and the photographer and my mother paid for the rest (cake, food, church, my dress, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, minister, organist, soloist, decorations, etc.)
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  7. Katie

    2009 Oct 20 7

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  8. Stephanie Bride-to-Be 5/16/09

    2009 Oct 20 8

    My parents are paying for everything – Thank god! We’re spending about $25,000. This does not include the wedding night hotel suite (his parents), honeymoon (my parents), rings (which we paid for ourselves), and rehearsal dinner (also paid for by my parents).
    Our guest list is 85 people. We wanted to keep it somewhat small (just our large families and a couple friends). But, this would all be quite different if we had to pay for it ourselves.
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    Why did I get thumbs down? Jealous people… *rolls eyes*

  9. Mrs. Happy Wife a.k.a. Viv

    2009 Oct 20 9

    About $24,000 for everything including travel expenses. We were so proud to pay for it all ourselves in cash.
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  10. newlywed

    2009 Oct 20 10

    About $40,000, but we did a lot of extras (martini bar, paid for transportation for the wedding party to and from and all of their dresses, tuxes, an expensive menu and hall). Plus, we were older and not just starting out. We paid for the whole thing ourselves. We got married in Texas. I would invest in a wedding planner. Thye can totally help you stay within your budget and work with vendors to get the most bang for your buck. One of the thing our planner did was help us prioritize. Pick your top two or three most important things. Ours was food, photos, and venue. But you might place more emphasis on the music and flowers. Whatever is most importanat to you, put your money there. So, if the venue isn’t as important as importanat, don’t spend a lot of money on a hall. Get a plain cake that is inexpensive if that’s not important, etc.
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  11. Bride2Be!

    2009 Oct 20 11

    Our wedding is going to cost about $20,000. My parents are giving us $5000 and my fiance’s parents are giving $5000. We saved up the rest ourselves. We are having a beautiful 300 guest wedding in Milwaukee, WI. The $20,000 includes the rings, hotels, honeymoon, buffet dinner, cake, limo, bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts, decorations, dress, tuxes.. basiclly everything!
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  12. Mrs Smith

    2009 Oct 20 12

    My sister is an event coordinator so she has tons of contacts and friends in every type of business you’d need for a wedding. It only cost a couple thousand dollars to throw an outdoor wedding for about 90 people. My husband and I took care of most of it but my siblings and his siblings helped out here and there.
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  13. ?Deziree's Mommy?

    2009 Oct 20 13

    Around $2500- everything but the mansion my fiance will pay for– I dont work right now
    My wedding is 5/30
    Both of of parents rented a historic mansion for $1034
    My dad helped by cups, napkins, etc.
    I bought my dress and his ring
    I am getting hair and makeup done for free
    Photography will be a gift to us (professional)
    We are gettin a good deal on catered BBQ for about $250 (friend will hook us up)
    We are having wine, beer, champagne, and margaritas
    (our friend works at a winery)
    I am making my own cake–with my mom and husband to be will decorate it
    We are getting a DJ for free (friends bro-in-law)
    Decorations dont need them cuz the mansion is a museum
    Flowers…not sure yet, going to a flower mart in the morning.
    About 100 ppl
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  14. July 2009 Bride

    2009 Oct 20 14

    It will cost us no more then 1,500… my Fiance and I are paying for most of it. My mother paid for my dress and my grandmothers helping pay for some of the food.
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  15. nova_queen_28

    2009 Oct 20 15

    Our budget is $20k and we are tracking right on budget. I expect to come in a little under once our final headcount is determined.
    I am in Central PA. We are getting help of about $4k from family – the rest is on us to pay for.
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  16. Live Laugh Love <3

    2009 Oct 20 16

    10,000 is our budget getting married in New Brunswick. We’re paying $5000 and our parents are each contributing $2500 they insisted even though we are both comfortable paying for it ourselves. However I think we are going to come in under budget at the moment we have every major contract we need and have only spent about $7500, this is for 75 guests, includes ceremony, reception and dance, food and open bar, all our decor and flowers, favors, cake.
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  17. Pretty in Pink

    2009 Oct 20 17

    3000 for wedding
    2000 for honeymoon
    And we will be paying for it.
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  18. Kristy

    2009 Oct 20 18

    We live in Southern NJ. Our wedding is a gift from my mother. My father offered to pay for photography and flowers (they are divorced). The groom’s family is hosting the rehearsal dinner and paying for the liquor bill at the reception. So far we’ve spent ~$28k on the wedding ceremony and reception. We purchased our own rings (~$6k) and are paying for our honeymoon (~$5k).

    Good luck!
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    Getting married 8/1/09. We both come from very traditional families.

  19. Rosy

    2009 Oct 20 19

    The wedding was a little over $7,000.00.
    We live in California.
    My husband and I paid for it.
    My mom paid for the cake.
    My cousin (maid of honor) paid for the live band.
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  20. Mary

    2009 Oct 20 20

    We spent $1000.00 and had a great time!
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  21. NaughtyAngel ? Wife ?

    2009 Oct 20 21

    Our wedding cost $20,000, we came in a little bit under budget (which I am so proud of!) We live in the NYC-metro area, which is why our total was so high for only 75 people. We did have a lot of extras though, full top shelf open bar, sit down meal with unlimited seafood, amazing photographer, tons and tons of flowers, and a martini ice slide and ice sculpture.

    My parents paid for about two-thirds of the total cost, hubby’s parents covered the rehearsal dinner (which was around $1,000) and we paid for the rest ourselves. We are 25 and 26, and just got married 3 weeks ago.

    Good luck and congrats! =)
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