I am just curious what the mean cost of a wedding is, so how much and what kind of a wedding was it?

My parents are outliers as their wedding cost a little over 300 dollars.

Thank you in advance for your answers

We’re getting married on the beach in Jamaica. 10 people. Live band, photographer, sit down dinner, open bar, cake, flowers, wedding coordinator for $5K

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  1. Joe B

    2009 Oct 13 1

    my wedding is going to cost 25,000 – 30,000
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  2. nova_queen_28

    2009 Oct 13 2

    We are tracking at $18,000 right now for a Saturday wedding – church ceremony, reception venue with a buffet dinner and full open bar for 145 guests. We are skipping limos, found an upstart photographer for a good price, and will have a DJ. We are keeping flowers to a minimum – non floral centerpieces, just bouquets, boutonierres and corsages.

    What you will find is that location has the most to do with the cost of a wedding. I am in Central PA and my wedding would be considered "cheap" while sticking to the normal components. It could have cost less if I wanted to rent a hall or use a relative’s home for no cost, decorate myself, and self-cater. But its my wedding, I don’t want to have to do that and my tiny 2 bedroom house couldn’t possibly hold 145 people and we have no family nearby.
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  3. Miss Sarah

    2009 Oct 13 3

    We’re getting married on the beach in Jamaica. 10 people. Live band, photographer, sit down dinner, open bar, cake, flowers, wedding coordinator for $5K
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  4. YouWish25

    2009 Oct 13 4

    Hopefully, my wedding will be about 18K. I know that’s going to give some people ar heart attack, but considering our situation, I think it’s reasonable. We live in a VERY expensive area of the country, we have large families and I would like a somewhat traditional wedding (with a sit-down dinner, a DJ, professional pictures). Considering that the cheapest wedding plate costs about $75 (without tax/tip) per person around here, I think my budget is pretty reasonable. I want some nice extras (open bar all night), but I wouldn’t say I’m trying to have a over-the-top wedding. In fact, I’d say 18K is less than average for the cost of a wedding around here.

    Since you mentioned your parents, I’ll mention mine. They got married in 1982 and they spent about $3,000 back then. It was really simple and basic.
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  5. luck2bsarah

    2009 Oct 13 5

    My wedding is around $8,000 (which includes the honeymoon). This for around 125 guests.
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    BTB 6-20-09

  6. KS

    2009 Oct 13 6

    Cost of plastic and Styrofoam eating utensils + a wedding cake + ,50USD engagement and wedding rings. Damn, I think I am overpaying for this.
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  7. spadezgurl22

    2009 Oct 13 7

    My wedding costs upwards of $50,000 in covering rooms, hotel stays, favors, transportation, photographer, videographer, dj, dress, buffet & catering, hall, rehersal dinner, performers, open bar tab, linens, flowers, etc. I dont even think u can buy a wedding dress for 300 bucks these days! we are having 65 guests in a destination wedding in key west, it includes a sunset cruise and a farewell brunch.
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  8. spacykase09

    2009 Oct 13 8

    Originally we were going to spend around the typical 30,000 but then my fiance and I realized that we wanted to spend more money on the honeymoon. So we changed our venue to a yacht (which is surprisingly cheap) and will probably spend about 15-20,000 on the wedding.
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  9. luvnhatelife

    2009 Oct 13 9

    Well my wedding cost $500. I wanted cheap. There was no way I was paying for an expensive wedding. There was 25 people at my wedding. Didn’t get married in a church. Had a BBQ reception. Had a photographer friend shoot the wedding for free (we just develop the film). My dress cost less then $100.

    We spent the money on the honeymoon.
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  10. Amy M

    2009 Oct 13 10

    I just got married in September and spent a total of 3,500. We had a decent size wedding and cut costs in all areas we could. My dress and the location were the most expensive things. Place was 600 and my dress after alterations was 800 or so…I was very proud of myself.
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  11. shihtzulover123

    2009 Oct 13 11

    Mine in 1962 100-150 very small less than 20 people in attendance, DIY
    Daughters wedding in 1985 about 3500 about 150 in attendance DIY
    Granddaughters in Dec 2009, 5000- 5200 about 150-175 expected- full dinner buffet, lots of flowers and candles. Roses/lilies(6 doz roses, 150 lilies, glads,greenery,million star)
    Marrying in grooms church, reception in firehouse (B/G both volunteer firefighters) no chg for either venue. DIY alot ourselves. Band by a friend, pics by family member who is photog.

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  12. "Shakes"

    2009 Oct 13 12

    We are having a traditional wedding, mid sized, all the trimmings. I estimate around $40,000 all said and done.
    Yes we can afford it, we already own our house, have no accumulated debt and it’s the first wedding in 23 ears on BOTH sides and the last one for many more years, likely another 20 lol, so we choose to do it up since we can.
    We see it as a huge thank you for all our family and friends, they deserve the best of what we can provide.
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  13. Amy

    2009 Oct 13 13

    Well i bought my wedding dress around 15k and it was just due to a website

    that offered me free coupons and i availed this much of discount.
    The dress was just beautiful.
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