This Wedding’s Budget: $50,000

…ways to cut costs
Dance Floor in Middle of Backyard – $750
Sound System Rental – $750
Ipod and Music – $350 + 16 hrs. uploading

Post-Reception Survey Results:
Cost of Not hiring a professional wedding entertainment director: $50,000

Why: No order or direction so guests left, wasting food, cake and drinks, and creating terrible video and painful photos. We should have invested in entertainment, or eloped.

Average Cost of a professional entertainment specialist: $1500-$3000
And most come with a money-back guarantee.

Duration : 0:7:17

[youtube c8ClSL78buk]

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4 Responses

  1. niquagirl

    2009 Nov 09 1

    That’s exactly why …
    That’s exactly why you get what you pay for.

  2. UltraJugulator

    2009 Nov 09 2

    This is a very …
    This is a very painful video. It’s very sad to see people, for being so cheap, the things the can get for being… CHEAP! :S

    For sure this moment will be unforgettable. That’s just freaking sad. It looks more to me like a funeral than a wedding. XD

  3. stewardsproductions

    2009 Nov 09 3

    I wish more brides …
    I wish more brides could see how bad it is to go cheap with there music at there wedding.

  4. stewardsproductions

    2009 Nov 09 4

    I’m a mobile DJ and …
    I’m a mobile DJ and I wish most people could see this video, This wedding should have had a DJ for there wedding and not be so cheap. I mean that was so cheap, I can not stand the fact that some people spend all this money on thier wedding and try to be a cheap a** on their DJ or band.

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