average wedding cost?

just curious about the average, out of city, cost for an informal wedding ceremony? what is each individual average cost for things you need? like example- place, food, entertainment, decor. ect. thanks!

These type of questions are hard to answer since there is no average.
Some couples only pay for a wedding license and have a family friend marry them.
Others pay well over hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a very fancy affair.
I hope you find what you want.

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  1. Dillon R

    2009 Oct 27 1

    depending on what you do, the average is maybe about $5,000 or more… not sure…
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  2. spawn

    2009 Oct 27 2

    $5000, you said informal
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  3. Nightmare

    2009 Oct 27 3

    An average wedding with around 60 people is $20,000.
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  4. April

    2009 Oct 27 4

    I am planning my May wedding. We booked a State Park for the out door ceremony and booked a reception room they have all for $325, then we rented chairs and an arch for $200, the place had tables so now all we have to do is pay for food and little things like decoration. So my projected cost is about $1500, and it will still be beautiful. We are serving a BBQ dinner and keeping with a casual theme with elegance.
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  5. matt543

    2009 Oct 27 5

    depends on what you consider average and how many people are attending. My "average" wedding and reception cost about $10,000. Some one elses "average wedding could cost any where from $1000-$25,000.
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  6. melanie n

    2009 Oct 27 6

    I did mine on the cheap…knew the person who owned the venue we married in(the goth club we met at) had the reception at a friends house, got the rings online, wore non-traditional clothes, got our rings on-line all, made my own favors, in all the whole thing cost us between $1500-2000(the most spent on the drinks and cake, everyone had a blast and it was still the most beautiful day of my life. I don’t understand why some people spend a down payment on a house for a wedding. Just don’t stress yourself over what other people think, it’s your day after all! Good luck
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  7. Lainey Judith

    2009 Oct 27 7

    The wedding I would have liked to have, (had we had money readily available) would have about 150 guests and would have cost about $10,000-$12,000.
    The wedding we HAD cost less than $350, we had 4 witnessess/guests at the Clerk of Court’s Office, and the In-Laws paid for dinner.
    The Wedding I WANT to have now, is a Renewal of Vow’s Ceremony on a 7 day cruise.
    I want to help pay for my 8 guests’ fare (1/2 the cost of the cruise), buy a beautiful dress (not a cinderella-gown) and have the ceremony at sea… That’s gonna cost about $5,000.
    (I agreed to have a quick Clerk of Court’s wedding, as long as I had a ROV ceremony afterwards, with my dad present, cause he couldn’t make it to our "first" wedding. We also haven’t had a honeymoon, so this way we can kill two birds with one stone) The food/beverages and just about everything else will be covered in the cruise, so…
    I can’t wait!!
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  8. Josette N

    2009 Oct 27 8

    You can save a lot of money if you are willing to make a few changes to the norm. Just remember – most places and people/entertainers/photographers that cater to Weddings are booked on Saturdays, and the evening reception is the most popular.

    We saved a lot of money by using our favorite restaurant as a venue for the reception. They took care of most of the decor, food, atmosphere, set up, and best of all, clean-up.

    A Late Sunday Morning Wedding, followed by an Afternoon Reception, saved a lot of money. We had our Rehearsal on SATURDAY followed by a BBQ at a friend’s home. This way, we got to hang out with friends and family, and especially people from out of town, for a long period of time. This won’t happen at the Wedding, which flies by… and it was relatively inexpensive to pull together.

    I live in the DC area – so you can imagine how much Weddings cost in this area. We had a wonderful Wedding with 100 people (paid for a bartender – but no open bar) for under $20,000. This includes the cost of our honeymoon cruise and Disney vacation.

    There was a lot of DIY action, but that’s what I wanted to do, so it worked out great.

    Good luck!!! 🙂
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  9. LiveandLove2107

    2009 Oct 27 9

    Probably around $5,000.
    I have saving a lot of money though doing it at my mom’s house. My fiance and I are both religious, but we both want to save money and just do it at my mom’s house. She has had a wedding there before so it’s really pretty. She has a two story white house with a balcony and a porch. The only thing though is that the chairs are $2 a piece and tables are $6 a piece. It’s a lot better doing that though than spending thousands somewhere else. We are also getting the food ourselves and making it since it won’t be too hard.

    If you want to save money, I would highly think about doing something like that.
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  10. ScubaJ

    2009 Oct 27 10

    Depends on a lot.

    We are struggling to keep it under $10,000. It varies greatly, especially amount of people. For instance, in that 10k, it is for… 100-120 Guests, dinner buffet, and everything supplied, photographer, DJ, flowers, etc… That isn’t even including Invitations, bridesmade’s dresses, suits, etc…

    An informal wedding with a small crowd, can easily do for under $5000, hell can be done for half if you do it in a pretty backyard and just server a small brunch.
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  11. imara219

    2009 Oct 27 11

    It really does depend on how many people you are having and if it’s a formal or informal event. Reading wedding magazines and watching the wedding tv shows, I’ve heard 12,000 is the avg. for an midsized-large decent wedding. A 5,000.00 budget is considered doing it on the cheap with few people in attendance. Personally, my budget is around 2,000 dollars. But a lot of that is because our families are willing to help and do things for free, like the food and flowers. I’m also, having my reception in a cultural center which is cheaper than a hotel reception hall. I think for an avg. joe in this economy a 5,000 wedding and under is quite possible. You just have to be willing to do a lot of your own work. WeddingWire.com is helpful with the organizing and budget.
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  12. lweekly2

    2009 Oct 27 12

    we spent $18,000 for everything including gifts for the wedding party…
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    married in 2007

  13. Colie

    2009 Oct 27 13

    Mine ended up being almost 7,000. Ceremony:non-denominational church, Photos:outside at park, $400, Food:catered buffet with open bar gosh I don’t remember price, maybe 1500? DJ: mother-in-law paid for him so I never saw a price but he SUCKED, played maybe 4 songs from our list the whole night. We pulled off a VERY basic but nice wedding.
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  14. Cammie

    2009 Oct 27 14

    These type of questions are hard to answer since there is no average.
    Some couples only pay for a wedding license and have a family friend marry them.
    Others pay well over hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a very fancy affair.
    I hope you find what you want.
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