there would be about 80 for the meal and about a total of 120 at evening. How much is the average dress and suits, cars and a band for the night?? x

I don`t think there is an `average` for a wedding. It depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. It can cost as little or as much as you want. Mine cost £3000 for about half of the number of guests you have and we had a wonderful time. Other people pay £30,000 for a wedding and also have a good time. Same for cars, it depends on what you want, band, dress and suit…there isn`t really an `average` amount.

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  1. Kristy

    2010 Feb 23 1

    Usually you work with a budget you can afford and see what you can find to fit your budget, not vice versa. So, your best bet would be to establish a realistic budget and then get some estimates from local companies and vendors.

    Good luck!
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  2. YouWish25 is Ready 4 Christmas

    2010 Feb 23 2

    This depends on where you live. It sounds like you’re paying about $80 per meal. Where I live, that’s falls into the range of the "average" wedding meal. So, you can count on your catering bill costing about $9,600.

    I’d say the average wedding dress with alterations can cost about $1,200. The DJ can range about $1,000-$1,500, depending on who you use. Pictures start around $2,000+. I’m not sure about tuxes and the cars will probably be about $1,000. The invitations, RSVP cards, place cards and thanks you’s will probably cost you another $500-$1,000 depending on what you use.

    Trying doing research at for your particular area.
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  3. SpikeyJo

    2010 Feb 23 3

    I don`t think there is an `average` for a wedding. It depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. It can cost as little or as much as you want. Mine cost £3000 for about half of the number of guests you have and we had a wonderful time. Other people pay £30,000 for a wedding and also have a good time. Same for cars, it depends on what you want, band, dress and suit…there isn`t really an `average` amount.
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  4. Ali V

    2010 Feb 23 4

    It depends on where you have it, what caterer you use etc. Mine is going to cost approximately £16,000 but it can be done much cheaper and still be fabulous!
    Check out Debenhams/BHS or Littlewoods as they have lovely wedding dresses and suits and are really reasonable. Tesco etc do favours or Hobbycraft sell the bits to make your own, same for invitations etc. There are lots of ways you can cut costs and no one will notice and it would Still look great x
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  5. Anne

    2010 Feb 23 5

    I’m afraid there is no such thing as "average". Some people want designer dresses for thousands of dollars, others buy something off the rack for $100.

    I can tell you that the average wedding dress from somewhere like David’s Bridal costs between $400-$800. Tuxedo rental runs about $150 depending on how nice a suit you pick.

    We didn’t rent a limo and we paid our ceremony pianist to stay and play during the reception.

    We had a heavy appetizer with cake reception for about 100 people. Everything included, we paid around $8,000. I could have done it much cheaper or for 4 times the cost…just depends on your budget and what’s most important to you.

    The website above has a good budget calculator that estimates how much you should spend on each item given your budget.

    Congrats and good luck!
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  6. Debbie

    2010 Feb 23 6

    It all depends on where you are getting married. A wedding in NY, averages $100K from what I am told, but one in Dallas, averages $45K.

    Plus added factors are the type of food you will be serving (sit down meal vs. buffet), DJ vs. band, the venue it’s self.

    Statistics say that, completely across the board, the average wedding is around $30K.

    I am getting married, with 100 guests and have set my budget at $5K. But we are not getting married in a popular city or venue and I am doing a lot of the stuff myself, like decorations.
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  7. Camara

    2010 Feb 23 7

    I live in NJ. 120 people total for both reception and ceremony. it about 25,000. My reception site is 120 per person. Includes Chocolate fountain, sit down meal, room for the night, all of the center pieces, place cards, my cocktail hour, 5 hours open bar, my cake. DJ 1050 for music for ceremony cocktail hour and reception, Photo was 3000 but I got a big package (I’m giving my wedding party little photo albums, and parents albums also). My limo cost 548 for 3 hours. Plus all my little details that I’m decided to have. And 650 for the ceremony which is kinda high. My Officiant was 350.00 I’m not having a catholic wedding. My dress 800, tuxes 163. My flowers I did myself cost was about 140. My alterations for my dress I have included because a family friend will be doing it for free, but I think on an average is about 200 at david’s bridal.
    I would check out I found them very inexpensive for invites, thank yous , rsvp cards. Are running me about 300, save the dates where 58.

    Good luck and congrats
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  8. Frank F

    2010 Feb 23 8

    A wedding can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you wish it to be. To keep costs down it is best to keep numbers down as they all have to be catered for. However there is no compulsion to have a set meal. A buffet (which is much cheaper) is perfectly acceptable. You do not need to provide alcohol (unless you want some for the toast). Many people hold their reception where there is a bar so guests can go and buy their own drinks.

    The dresses and suits can be hired or bought but it can actually be cheaper to buy inexpensive ones than to hire better quality ones. No-one is going to inspect the quality of the material unless they are very SAD indeed.

    You shouldn’t need to hire more cars than are necessary for the bride and bridesmaids. Most people get themselves to weddings these days, they don’t expect everything to be laid on for them.

    If you hire a local band it would probably be about £120 to £150 (assuming they are not famous!!).

    You can buy celebration cakes in several sizes in quite a few supermarkets these days. They are ready iced (even fancy piping) and all you need to add are pillars (if you want several tiers) and perhaps a few flowers to match your own bouquet. This is much cheaper than having one made and just as effective. (Been there, done that.)

    No amount of extravagant expenditure on a wedding will guarnatee you a happy future and an inexpensive wedding will not curse your future. What will blight your life will be getting into debt for a one day celebration so my advice would be don’t spend more than you can afford and don’t let others talk you into doing it any way other than the way you want it to be.

    I hope the future will be bright and that the sun will shine on the day !!
    If you’re in the U.K. that is a big ask.
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  9. ALAN R

    2010 Feb 23 9

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  10. brwneyes

    2010 Feb 23 10

    Try this website:

    We spend about $30,000 for 100 guests in Las Vegas, Nevada not including honeymoon or rings.
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  11. TAMMY J

    2010 Feb 23 11

    I did my wedding on a budget and got a really good deal, I paid £10 per head for a three course meal with just two basic choices for each course such as beef or chicken for main. My dress was £420 and our suits were hired for £65.00 each but my sister in law got married lastWeekendd and paid just £31 from asda for gorgeousmen’ss suits. Cars are usually about £150 a day and band about £200 anightt if u shop about. Also ebay has great bargains for all round wedding items, hope this helps good luck have a lovely day.
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  12. jackie m

    2010 Feb 23 12

    UK – the average wedding costs about £30,000 but it depends what you want to pay. A wedding dress is about £1000, a DJ is cheaper costing a few hundred, cars about £500, suits about £100 to hire. You would be better phoning the suit hire, car hire and dj hire companies for prices.
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  13. viki S

    2010 Feb 23 13

    There is no such thing as average for a wedding. You can get married for a thousand pounds and have a brilliant wedding or pay 16,000 and not enjoy it.
    Personally i don’t see how people can rack up a 20,000 pound wedding
    Mine cost 6000 including honeymoon, and i had a three tier cake, marque reception, suiting three bridesmaids, myself my husband, three ushers, my step dad who gave me away, and the best man
    I also had champagne for toasts and a bottle of white and red wine on the table.
    This also fed 85 people, had a chocolate fountain and the classical car
    I also has a church wedding with photographer.
    Its all in the research and shopping around.
    A band for the night the cheapest we found was 1200
    I had a fantastic dj who was the husband of a colleague so we got him very cheap.


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  14. ~due 5th Feb 09~

    2010 Feb 23 14

    Hey our wedding looks like this,

    church fee’s £350
    wedding dress £900
    3 bridesmaid dresses £600
    6 groomsmen suits £515
    wedding car £215
    Photographer £450
    reception inc buffet for 120/entertainment £2500
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  15. clair r

    2010 Feb 23 15

    well my wedding was about £10.000 not including the honeymoon
    2 wedding cars £600
    wedding pictures £1.000
    dj £250
    and whatever was left went on the reception of 50 people
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