How much was your wedding?

How much a wedding costs depends on a lot of factors.

Mine will cost $15,000 when all is said and done (including the honeymoon).

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  1. duckie

    2010 Mar 23 1

    How much a wedding costs depends on a lot of factors.

    Mine will cost $15,000 when all is said and done (including the honeymoon).
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  2. Shortie

    2010 Mar 23 2

    Really depends where you live…mine is about 35K….for everything from the gifts for the bridesmaids to the open bar to the honeymoon. I live in Boston

    EDIT: DJ ugh 20? That’s so rude…im sorry that happened…Im so worried about that! I know it happens at all weddings though unfortunately
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  3. BW

    2010 Mar 23 3

    Mine was less then $1,000. good luck.
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  4. Patty

    2010 Mar 23 4

    Mine was less than $15000 for everything (not including rings and honeymoon). It can also depend where you live and how lavish you want your event to be. I got married in California at a golf course with approx. 100 guests.
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  5. DJ

    2010 Mar 23 5

    Mine was about 35000 $ including the honeymoon. We had a 120 guests, 20 didnt go…
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  6. keezymama

    2010 Mar 23 6

    I don’t think there is any such thing as an "average" wedding.
    The cost will vary so much depending on the location, size, type of reception, attire of couple and attendants.
    One of my nieces had her wedding at a small local church (no charge grooms parents were members) and wedding reception at fire hall (discount father of groom was member) brides dress was made by her mother and grandmother and attendants wore blouses that they bought and long skirts made by the brides mother and grandmother and Men wore dark suits, Bride’s family catered cold meat plate, salads etc. while a friend made the cake as her wedding gift, cousins of groom DJ ed.
    Another niece had their wedding at a ski resort, wedding planner, sit down very fancy dinner ( the best prime rib I have ever tasted), harpist at service and pre-reception with, band after dinner, tuxes on all the guys, nobody was local closest was the couple and it was over an hour from their hours the parents and siblings and friends were all at least 5 hours ways. Professional wedding photographer that did over on hour of posed pictures all over the resort between service and reception.
    No way you even start to compare the costs of the two. Each was right for that couple.
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  7. nova_queen_28

    2010 Mar 23 7

    The average for my area is $28k. My budget is $20k and I’m hoping to trim that to 17k if at all possible.
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  8. janecat

    2010 Mar 23 8

    Depends on your area, but I think around $25,000. Mine is 15K.
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  9. beebler

    2010 Mar 23 9

    Mine is probably going to hit somewhere around 8-9k….Our budget was 10k. For 150 people. We still have two months left to pya for some extra stuff so yeah.

    Our honeymoon is costing us an additional $2500.

    I think it depends on how lavish and how many people you are planning for. I live in Colorado, I dont know if location really has much to do with it.
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    Gettin’ Hitched 6-27-08!

  10. stagefronttickets

    2010 Mar 23 10

    Those in the wedding industry say that the average wedding today costs about $30,000. However, that is an average, and can vary a lot form state to state, and even city to city. Of course there are those who spend way more than that and there are those that spend way less than that. My budget is $10,000- my fiance’s brother (who is also getting married this year) has a budget of about $2000.
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