well just because this is the average doesn’t mean that you should spend that much or you can even spend more. The average amount spent on a US wedding is $20,000.

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  1. B R I T T !

    2010 Mar 02 1

    id like to know too.
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  2. Zero_Hero

    2010 Mar 02 2

    All the ones ive heard of were 6k
    but that was when they made a lot of the decorations
    it was awesome too
    but Ive been to 15k ones, they are kinda over doing it

    save for the vacation later on ^^
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  3. misspriss070807

    2010 Mar 02 3

    well just because this is the average doesn’t mean that you should spend that much or you can even spend more. The average amount spent on a US wedding is $20,000.
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  4. Cara

    2010 Mar 02 4

    This is a really great website: http://www.costofwedding.com/

    It says that on average it’s 28,800 dollars. Yee-ouch. And that doesn’t include the honeymoon or rings.

    Are you getting thinking about getting married? Because there are a lot of nice places to get married, and there are a lot of great websites which can help you find cheaper things. My cousin is getting married this summer, so if you need any help, feel free to mail me. 🙂

    Good luck!
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  5. oceananemonie

    2010 Mar 02 5

    Too much is often the right answer. Do what YOU and your fiance want, and what you can afford. My handfasting (December 2006) cost less than $500.00 including clothing (it was small and intimate and friends took photos and cooked), but we had a lovely ceremony, are very happy, not in debt – except for our mortgage. It depends on what you want. Otherwise, the sky is the limit. If you’re not paying yourself, please give your parents a break! Oh, and bright wedding blessings.
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  6. Derek A

    2010 Mar 02 6

    everyone has different tastes.my daughter got married in july she wanted to get married in cyprus which was brilliant.saved me a fortune and also got all inclusive holiday as well.total cost for cyprus was around £12.000 that was me paying for holiday,rception in cyprus and evening do whenever we came home.we only had 12 family in cyprus but we had about 250 people at night do.we only had buffet at night do but it was a brilliant time.hope this was helpful and good luck.
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  7. Molly SH

    2010 Mar 02 7

    It really depends where you are located and what kind of wedding you are having. I know up in the Northeast most people have black tie or black tie optional weddings and the average wedding costs $25,000-$35,000.

    The knot.com actually answers this question

    Also here is a link of what traditionally people pay for
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  8. pspoptart

    2010 Mar 02 8

    National Average is: 25-30 thousand depending on your area

    That being said most brides I work with are spending closer to 10k.
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  9. rxing

    2010 Mar 02 9

    upto 30000k

    but you can have a beautiful wedding for 10K
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  10. stinky4sam

    2010 Mar 02 10

    Mine was $30,000 including the rings & honeymoon.
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  11. culpepp11

    2010 Mar 02 11

    Way too much, but it depends on where you live, but I believe the national average is around $25,000
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