Your wedding is very important.

Planning. Time. Money.


Here are some points we think are important…

We believe you should always shoot on film, as the end results are always of a much higher quality. However, we also understand that digital photography is important, so we give you high quality negatives, prints and CDs.

Within two weeks after your wedding, we will give you the negatives, proofs and CDs. There is no 1 year waiting period and no extra charge for the negatives!

You can make all of the prints you want, for whomever you want, like friends, parents, grandparents, etc. And you will know the price you are paying for prints is not overinflated!

One of us may relocate! If you have your negatives, you will always be able to make prints, no matter where you are.

It is your wedding and they are your negatives! You are paying for them. There should be no extra charge. Make sure you keep them.

You should keep the prints, negatives and CDs. Always. No exceptions. No extra cost!

We shoot your wedding, not our assistants. Make sure the person you hire will be the person who actually turns up to shoot your whole wedding, start to finish. And as always, there is no hourly charge.

Make sure you like the photographer, not just their work. You’ll spend 8 to 10 hours with that person. A brilliant photographer doesn’t mean a nice person.

Make sure you know all costs up front.

Ask for references or brides the photographer has worked with.

Make sure your photographer and videographer will be available to you after the wedding, as well as before.

Ask us any question at all. No matter how small. Questions are important. You haven’t done this before, so no question can be too small or stupid. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with questions!

Don’t pay more for black and white, color, sepia tone, sloppy border or any effects. There is no cost difference.

Don’t get bullied into a package! We don’t do packages and have never understood how 2 or 3 packages could suit hundreds of different couples. Every wedding is different and unique and should be treated that way.

Don’t hire someone by the hour. Why would they want to get your wedding done in the alloted time, when they can make more money by going slowly? Do you want to rush to get all of your photos taken because you only have a 5-hour package?

Don’t pay extra for travel, within reason.

Don’t be afraid to ask what type of equipment the photographer and videographer will use for your wedding. The best photographers use a variety of equipment.

Don’t get pushed into buying an album. There are many choices out there and we prefer to have our album suppliers assist you in your decision. We can accommodate anything from magazine style to traditional.

Serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area for Wedding Photography and Videography. You get the best of both worlds utilizing both film and digital. Everything from your wedding day and engagement poses to the best man’s toast…

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  1. jvfconsulting

    2009 Nov 29 1

    Very professional …
    Very professional pictures! The San Francisco Bay Area gives some of the most beautiful perspective to your photography.

  2. photos33

    2009 Nov 29 2

    very nice work
    very nice work

  3. makasimakasi

    2009 Nov 29 3



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