Inexpensive Wedding Photography

At Inexpensive Wedding Photography, we believe that the only thing you should be committed to on your wedding day is your partner. Not be committed to debt & worrying about missing out on the important things of the day just because your budget doesnt allow. With mortgage rates ever increasing & petrol & grocery prices rising on a daily basis, we understand the pressures of couples just starting out. We have all been there. So we strip down the costs of your wedding photos. Only pay for what you want. Not for overpriced packages that you don’t really need!!!!! This means you can still have your wedding professionally photographed at a cost that you can afford then we give you the images on a disc. After that, you can get the photographs you want printed yourself when you can afford it. Not as part of the photography package upfront. (or we can print them for you). And the bonus is….we put the images on your very own unique password protected website so your relatives & guests can also choose and purchase the photographs they want. It’s that simple. We currently have photographers based in Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland with other states coming soon. Contact us today to discuss your wedding photography requirements. See our packages page for full details. All our photographers are professional, experienced, caring, courteous & understanding. We are there for you, to make your special day exactly what its supposed to be. See website for our special package offers.

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