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im kida strapped for cash but i want my fiancee to have a great wedding how much does you r average wedding cost

My wedding costs are $20,000 after tax and tip and everything. But there are definitely ways to keep these costs down. You could always try a themed wedding. I know a friend who had a country music themed wedding and they did the whole thing as a picnic with barbecue. All the guests wore cowboy hats and shorts and they all loved it!

well just because this is the average doesn’t mean that you should spend that much or you can even spend more. The average amount spent on a US wedding is $20,000.

The average cost of a wedding is about $25,000–you have to take into consideration this is an average number that takes into account the WHOLE country. With that in mind, the coasts usually have more expensive weddings than some of the the rest of the country.

A wedding though is as expensive as you make it.

Hi, I am looking to get married in Key West in 2011. I am clueless. Can anyone tell me what an average wedding there would cost and any good ideas where to go?

It’s impossible to predict this. The economy is in such rough shape that it could cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars by then or it could cost you a couple of hundred thousand dollars because you’ve also not really said what kind of ceremony you want and what would be included in the cost.

Just save up as much money as you possibly can and when the day comes closer, call a place down there and get an estimate. On top of everything else, anywhere you call right now could very easily not even be around due to hurricane devastation that hasn’t occurred yet.

I was wondering…how much does an average wedding singer cost for just the ceremony alone?
in Illinois…btw.

Couple hundred. It depends on how good they are and where you live.

In a hotel on Michigan Avenue or a warehouse venue?

A downtown hotel will run you AT LEAST $120 a person, you might count on $150. Warehouse spaces will be budgeted differently, as you’ll have to piece out catering, decorating, alcohol, wait staff, tables, linens, china/silverware, insurance, venue rental fee, etc. (the hotels will roll that into one number). You’re still probably looking at about the same as the hotel. Keep in mind that places book early, especially over holiday weekends. If you’re thinking Labor Day, 2009, you’re probably already too late–some of the venues we looked at booked 15 months ahead.

I want a square cake with a few layers (enough for that many people- I think 3) and I want it frosted preferably in butter cream with probably a butter cream filling. Nothing too exquisite but tastes good and looks nice.
I just want to know what an average cost would be. I live in central NJ.
Thank You

seriously, i might get thumbs down for this, but you should really check out walmart’s cakes. we had to have 2 different wedding parties for families far apart and went with them due to price….but the cake was SO delicious. I have never been so impressed with Walmart’s cakes (in 2 different locations). The 3 teired cakes were only $130 and they looked amazing. i strongly encourage you to check them out if you are not picky about themes and stuff.

It really depends upon the area you live in. My area is insanely expensive so for a small wedding we’re ending up paying $8-10,000. In some other areas, you could have the same small wedding for half of that.

Go to

Enter your zipcode and it’ll tell you the average cost for your area.

This is mine: "On average, couples that live in 0**** (——-, MA ) spend between $33,198 and $55,330 for their wedding. This does not include cost for a honeymoon or engagement ring." Yikes!

I’m taking my girlfriend to NYC next summer. She’s never been there before so this will be an event for her. She has no clue that I’m actually scouting for a church (Catholic church) for our future wedding! I’m originally from Brooklyn but moved at a very early age. Any tips would be appreciated.

I live in NYC and our wedding is considered small by the standards around here (85-90 people). We are spending approximately $25,000 on the wedding (not including the honeymoon), which is pretty much standard in this area. An average reception hall will run you $100+ per person, and a good photographer over $2,000. Hope this helps, and good luck with your proposal! (I’m guessing you’re proposing then, too?)

were both from Ireland and are planning on getting married on holiday at christmas
It’s just myself and my partner, were not having any guests, it’s just for the ceremony

You probably are asking about the wedding party, not the registration of the marriage certificate.

The cost of the wedding party depends on how many guests you will have and its location. 100 guests at a nice mid-range hotel in Bangkok would be around 100,000 baht. You can go much higher, of course, by booking it at a 5-star hotel and having many more guests. You can also go cheaper with fewer guests and catered at someone’s home.

On second thought, maybe you are asking about a western style wedding, meaning at a church with a priest and all that. Not sure about costs but there are a number of Catholic churches in Bangkok. The wedding party, i.e. reception, would be the same as I mentioned above.